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This is the famed photo that flashed on virtually all news wires around the globe shortly after the much-yelled about royal kiss at the Buckingham balcony.

Just in case you missed this part of the world history, this is the iconic photo of the world’s most powerful people seeing live in action how their finest men in uniform finally brought down the man that slaughtered thousands of Americans and sow fear all over the world – that includes my beloved country of course --> just relieved to know Osama did not camp out in Davao. ;)

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This photo reaped thousands of reactions worldwide, its fame even escalated when this Hasidic newspaper altered the photo that made US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a woman that holds one of the world’s extreme political power – I admire this woman by the way - was photoshoped out of the picture.

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The reason;

The Hasidic newspaper will not intentionally include any images of women in the paper because it could be considered sexually suggestive.

You can present various arguments on this matter, violation of a certain US law, techno boon or bane, but arguing it from a woman’s point of view – this is really a blatant oppressive move towards women. I can understand where that editor is coming from, he’s a blast from the past.

I must say for the longest time this has been the battle cry of women – but to strip a woman – accomplished woman at that – from that photo just because Hillary is too sexy for history and that it is considered sexually suggestive is I think the most offensive and the most ridiculous thing this editor has ever done in his career.

It just saddened me that even under this ultra modern society that I confidently believe humans of all categories have achieved some level of egalitarianism – there are still minds that has not moved out of the frame of regarding women as least important even in the most critical situations as this.

And until mindset of this kind is unchanged towards uneven treatments of gender orientations there would always be women that crop up to make public her disgust – and that one of them could be me.

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  1. wow! that's very interesting....d ma lang si hillary ang nawala...pati man sad tong usa ka girl...ehhehee...kuyaw ni photoshop ug power...ehehehe!


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