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I may sound like a mad woman confessing right here, but this is a true story, a story of how once a woman yelled to death having her skin down there plucked to bits.

Yeah, ‘twas the heyday of my youth, I was jealous with these so-called sexy women clad in bikinis with clean, shiny groin walking along the shore. I used to shave my bikini line with razor but one experience made me halted it, the blade wasn’t intelligent enough it scraped the skin to bits; I swear it was like running a razor in your tongue, I stopped. So instead, I tried what other women friends suggested how to get rid of those curly locks, leaving it shiny and clean down there.

There was this Russian woman who married a Filipino seaman that operated a small salon at the end of the road where I lived before. Her salon was not actually a torture room but you can hear women screaming to their heart’s out from the outside. I was a bit reluctant to try, but I was beaten by my wishings to wear a shiny line down there.

So it was my turn, as expected I scared other women waiting for their turn outside.

I tell yah, to whatever style of bikini waxing you’ll get, regular, French, Brazilian it’s really a painful process. You know the silk with that honey gluey thing, whatever you call that is no intelligent pulling only the hair, it plucked the whole thing even those nearest to where life begins. It’s terribly painful.

Until lately I found out there’s this Topical Numbing Cream that you will just apply on top of the skin minutes before the plucking would begin, it’s sort of like an anesthetic cream where it numbs the whole area hence, pulling is smoothly painless. Had I known it before, I could have done it repeatedly.

Yeah right, if you’re planning to go the traditional way of plucking your hair - be it down there, on your legs, I suggest you score Numbfast, it’s the Best Topical Anesthetic Cream we have in the market today.

Not only that, if you’re planning to have your skin marked, which by the way another painful body art, this is the Best Tattoo Laser Numbing Cream you can use to reduce or the most do away with pain. Numbfast is also best for those who are regularly being treated with insulin injections- just rub and inject - no pain, and can be used with various cosmetic procedures, vaccinations, even minor operations. Versatility of this product in terms of its application is unparalleled.

So ladies, if you’re still on the limbo of whether to go Brazillian or not- because of the pain, you’re saved, you can visit now for more of this awesome product, they have an efficient online support system to answer your queries. Try it today!


  1. pretty nice story you have it here mah friend...i'm convinced to go on waxing...weeee....

  2. never tried bikini waxing before but will not try.. :) nice imo message about sa part nga where life begins.. :)

  3. Tried using this cream for my tattoo and let me tell ya, I couldn't feel a thing. No pain, No gain? That's not true. No pain, Yes gain! Numbfast Rock!


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