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It’s because women are stereotyped to be homemakers, it also follows that majority of any household fixtures are decided by women. Although the whole engineering of a house are mostly done by men, women take the course of refining and polishing the inside out to make the house suitable for a home.

I’ve always dream of having my own house, with one of those lovely Garden verandas, designed by pros, and an inspiring flower garden next to it. By that time maybe I can finish the book I have in my mind for the longest time. Anyway, enough of my melancholia here.

What I wanted to share is this great site, named Nationwide Home Innovations, getting a whole house done is much expensive than coming up with renovations somewhere around the house besides if you're tight with budget you can schedule innovations based on the availability of your resources.

And if you’re looking for professionals who will do the home innovations for you, check out www.nationwideltd.co.uk, they have a pool of experienced professionals who would design your Glass Verandas, your garage doors, your security blinds, do a custom made sun awnings for your windows, patios or garden area, I love this kind of add-on to fixed fixtures, it can transform a bare area into something homey and attractive, besides saving you from the direct heat of the sun while still enjoying outdoors.

So what are you waiting for, have your home problem area quoted now, quotation is absolutely free. Nationwide Home Innovations offers 5 year guarantee of all the materials they would use, they also guarantee 2 weeks to have your project done. See www.nationwideltd.co.uk now.

Me? I’m thinking of having a sun canopy done at the back of our house, it’s the only place that’s devoid of noise and heedful eyes of our hostile neighbors here. And I want it done the soonest.


  1. visiting back for white wednesday...thanks for stopping with mine verns

  2. adgitizing! hope you can visit as well :)

  3. kalami ra ug may veranda ang house...di ko magpa quote kay wa man sad koy pang tukod hehehe. agi ko...nag adgi ra bya ko hehehe

    ay wait, naabre nimo ang lip gloss Vernz...ako wa...di ko kamao lol.

  4. Wow, a canopy would really be nice. Your own private getaway at home :)


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