I think no woman in this modern world who has not tossed a page of this so-called bible of the fashion world – The Vogue magazine.

Admittedly, once in awhile I get a cut from my grocery budget to score one, I feel it’s good to know how women are being represented on this kind of magazines in these very days, Oh, my feministic instincts again – what I mean, keep posted of what’s latest on low-high-end fashion of the month.

But did you have any idea how this magazine was made? Not your usual school paper mag baby, it’s no plain type and run.

The movie-docu ‘The September issue’, I’ve watched this late of 2009 but I accidentally stumble on it in an online movie site so I re-watched it again, follows the days of the real-life editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour. I really find this docu interesting; you get an insider’s view of how life of these designers and other key players of this magazine put into play, their struggles and triumphs to amalgamate creativity and commerce to come up with a fashion magazine of this scale.

I just wish I had more time, more time to watch full movie online, I think I just have to squeeze it in on some lousy, not too busy day.

Sigh, too many movies, too little time.

Tata, ladies next stop – ‘In the name of love’

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