…for stressed out women..

I call it a blessing having stumbled on this Sue Augustine’s book.

Although I know some way out of this notoriously stressful world, reading this book made me realize there’s more to life, you just have to find a way how to do it. This book is a great help to finding that way out. I highly recommend every woman should get a copy. I scored this at National Bookstore.

Here’s one of my loved quotes inside Sue;
"I can only please one person a day. 
Today is not your day. 
Tomorrow isn’t looking good either."


  1. Still chuckling! Love that quote! Inspiring!

  2. It makes me smile.. Happy COPS! Mine is up.

  3. sounds like an interesting book sis + in our favorite shade too, hmm...a trip down the bookstore is in order, i only hope my purse will cooperate :(


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