They’re so cute, do I sound like I can’t get over my Hello Kitty years? I don’t mind…

So sad it’s made just for kiddos, but I wonder if my mom can knit a pair for me, having all the regrets in the world right now why didn’t I learn to knit before, Oh I forgot I was actually playing on those needles but I just can’t pull it. Really got a pair of lousy fingers :)

A seamless undie would be a perfect pair for this kitty… watdyotink? Awesome, I swear!

Hello Kitty Pants of the Day
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  1. Cute nga Ate Vernz kaso mukhang nakakatakot naman igulong sa alikabok, mukhang madali marumihan plus mabigat ata labhan ..hehe..same with me walang natutunan about knitting sa H.E.

  2. aw! ka cute kaayo ate...bagay pud ni ni sydelle hehehe!

  3. love it, too:)
    hopping by thru my blogroll. followed, too. 'hope u'll do the same. thanks!

  4. hahhaha...so cute! nay, dko ani musuot woi...lol..:) na ako mader wala man ko tudloi unsaon pag tahi...kay lola man lang ko nakatuon...lol!

  5. Awww that's way too cute!! Wish ko rin may pang adult nyan :)

  6. Majority wins! Everyone's comment is the cuteness of the pants. How I wish there is a larger size on that for my 3 year old daughter.


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