Honest, I lost track of days these days… maybe because I’m not working on a structured environment anymore but rather on a more laid-back personal pace that’s why day names are immaterial to me anymore.

But I need to get back on track since I have kiddos going back to school by Monday and I’m taking in-charge.

Anyway, on a more philosophical note, I happen to have read this booklet… Do you think so? Well behaved women rarely make history? I think herstory!

For one thing any born female homo has herstory, but as to how her story is made, that is circumstantial and a matter too of how she take life and how she live with it.

Do you think so?


  1. really? ambot lang jud hehehe..

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  2. Hmmm... I'm not sure whether or not I have to agree on that statement. Some behaved women do make history, but mostly, it's the misbehaved women who make history since they're known to do "something". I don't really know. LOL! :P

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  3. Guess, that well-behaved woman who rarely make history, seldom talk, meek and shy. Kanang motago dayon kung istoryahon... hahaha

    No idea for this visits from Green Monday =), nawala na sad ko sa passing. Anyway, I would be very happy kung diri ka magcomment ani nga link

    What are the things and situations that would levitate me?

    Salamat kaayo

  4. mao ba...I should read that book...lol!

  5. good thing i'm not well behaved ha ha ha. thanks for sharing.


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