Historical context

Since the dawn of human history women had already been regarded as second class citizens. Biblically, women were made next and out of men, this idea has never been disputed and was accepted without question by women because the Bible said it so. Anthropologically, there are countless ethnographic studies that would support the fact that women play second or the gender category that always take the back-seat in favor of men. Isn’t this a familiar phenomenon in Philippine cultural set-up? Sad to say, I’m at it too. Today, even in the most modern of societies, double standards set for women still vibrantly thrive, in fact, further reinforced. Whether planned or not this discourse has performed an immense influence in the lives of women, history, their life chances, one circumstance leading to another.
RH Bill
Women, Poverty and Overpopulation

Let’s just put a conservative estimate that Philippine population as of today is 90million, this figure then made the Philippines ranked 12th among the most populous countries in the world.

And since society, culture, religion etc. dictates that women should play support to men, they assume routinely the role of an ideal housewife or SAHM (Stay at home mom) to blogging lingo, which comes with it the ‘tig’ roles, ‘tig-ere, tig-laba, tig-alaga ng bata, and etcetera, etcetera. The reproductive job that I knew I have the option not to do, but should because social standards dictate it so, though I'm not afraid of social sanction, it's the stress brought about by this social stigma that I can't stand about.

And since women are pegged at home they’ve left with no choice but live along with that chunk of bacon their men brought home. Theoretically, this is the ideal thing, the women are left home waiting, tending and keeping the home fire burning, but in reality, the bacon is just overly undersized to distribute among the brood, this is why there are more Avon ladies than the number of soldiers in this country, there are more women who blog to earn than men, there are more women that perform underrated economic measures that are not even counted in the GDP.

Thing is, this picture can be deemed applicable only to women who have earned degrees and has opted to stay at home because again of the above reason. Now, take this circumstance several levels below, women who doesn’t even know how to read and write, been impregnated and endure 12 children and not even a slightest idea what family planning is all about - living in scanty situation, fed on instant noodles and rummaged food on the sidewalks, the husband has gone somewhere to find meager jobs with women left to budget P50 a day for 12 hungry children, isn’t poverty a woman’s face?

The Prolife advocates say it’s not overpopulation that is a problem because we still have aplenty of vast expanse of lands somewhere that are still devoid of people.

Do this 'Prolife' knew that even the highest peak of this island-nation is unavailable? Do these Prolife knew that the greedy, the voracious, the ravenous, the rapacious businessmen had occupied, had grabbed the vast tracks of lands in the mountains and turned them into milking farm or however they've done to take advantage of it? Least they knew it because they’ve lived all their lives in the streets of abundance and profuse resources.

If Prolife can drive away the Consunjis, the Alcantaras and the many more of their kind who occupied thousands of hectares of land to sustain their so-called sustainable economics,  then I can see decongestion.

Morals, Religion and Manny Pacquiao

Let it be known that the fundamental law of this land provides no official religion, sad as it may seem that our right to Suffrage has sent majority of those who occupy the pork barrel seats to be Catholics, but these people should know that they are not making policies for Catholics alone, there are other faithfuls that they should serve and that is what they’re for.

Let it be known too, that there can be other morals, not necessarily of Catholics that serve each individual’s principles, so why do these white robed guys so insistent of pushing in their own morals? I know quiet the answer, if this breakdown happens, Catholic Church would lose power, would lose millions of money from lowly, uneducated women who religiously shoot a dime praying earnestly a life miracle can happen.
Let it be known too, that the voice of Manny Pacquiao does not necessarily represent the voice of every individual in his constituency, a system I disgust to the extreme of my morals.

Men over woman’s body

You can only count with your fingers women involve in body politic, apparent evidence that still this ‘male domination’ concept subsist, though today it's a moving practice, it's still slow a pace.

Women, don’t you realize men are dictating once and again what we’re going to do with our bodies? Hell, yeah. Have I lived in the time of Hypatia; I could have also been striped, skinned and burned alive.But this is the 21st century mate, give women a break, educate them, given them all the informed options there are in this universe, let them live their lives the way they wanted to.

RH Bill, Conspiracy theory

From the point of view of Anti-RH Bill, this would be a policy orchestrated by the Western powers to slow-down if not to halt population in countries with high fertility rates; sadly that includes our beloved country – the Philippines.

The rationale is to drug (the pills, injectables, etc), and to brainwash populace not to reproduce more on the motive of the ill-effects of overpopulation, but according to those who conspire, [few of the reasons why I hate I know how to read] this is done so to diminish the use of resources so that there would be more for West’s consumption. I remember the old Bush once said, 'American lives are non negotiable'. So this RH bill might have been one of those schemes they plan to contain resources, at least we weren’t shelled like that of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whatever the truth behind this speculated discourse, one thing is certain and it runs on my postmodernistic truth that is - there is a blatant correlation between income, size of family, health of the children that according to Jose Rizal - the would be future of this country and as a matter-of-factly, the disposition of women raising these children.

The West has long been encroaching our sovereignty, what difference does it make to address first this clear and present problem.

RH LAW, now!


Mhie Lee said...

I guess women has more choices now. I guess this is mostly applied if you marry the same culture or it depends what is your settings in your family.

yannie said...

We can't deny the fact that until now there is some aspects in life that man are still superior over woman. But this change a lot the way it was before.

Regarding to that conspiracy theory, whether it's true or not I am still Pro-RH Bill.

Teresa Martinez said...

I am one of the women who are not in favor of the RH Bill partly due to my Catholic religion and I will not make excuses for that. As a woman though, I believe that there is a need to improve the access of marginalized women to health services. This is something that women in power can work on since they can have real understanding of what it is to be a woman deprived of rights, basic services, and justice.

Tingting R. said...

The modern woman knows what she wants, and chooses it even if others say otherwise. Yes, I am a pro-RH bill too.

Chubskulit Rose said...

THe role of the women now is a lot different than olden days, more choices, more power, and more responsibility as well.

Nova said...

As time moves on, women will have the same equality with men now. and glad that we now have options on what to do or not.

betchai said...

"this is why there are more Avon ladies than the number of soldiers in this country, there are more women who blog to earn than men, there are more women that perform underrated economic measures that are not even counted in the GDP."----oh Verns, you said it so VERY WELL! I can't add more!

I believe each woman should be educated more about their body and health, and make a choice of how they could protect themselves, and the choices be accessible to them, though personally, I am into natural methods of contraception though, but I do not want to enforce into others what I believe is best for me as I do not want others to tell me also what to do with my body.

papaleng said...

Very well said. To me, One can have as many as 12 children only if their needs are well provided. As for the moms, you've gone along to far, you have established some sort of command. Go ako for those women who helps their husbands meeting the family's financial needs.

Lainy said...

Very well written piece, Ma'am Vernz! I can't help but let out a chuckle on this phrase:""this is why there are more Avon ladies than the number of soldiers in this country, there are more women who blog to earn than men, there are more women that perform underrated economic measures that are not even counted in the GDP." It certainly hit home!

I am a big Pro-RH Bill advocate not only because of the reasons you cited but in addition, in the context where God admonished men to go and multiply, and I quote:

And God blessed them: and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and SUBDUE IT (emphasis mine); and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth (GENESIS 1:28)

God is so clever. He knew that men will multiply and increase its tribe but HE also ordered men to SUBDUE or BRING UNDER CONTROL. In this context alone, I am so Pro RH Bill. Family planning is not against God's commands. The entire Filipino nation will benefit from this bill once our lawmaking body approves it.

Rcel said...

Ma'am Vern-- let's grill all those men in the Senate and Congress who keep on insisting their negative stand on the RH Bill. They're the ones that need to be educated! Shame on them-- they're not only superior over women; they're also BIG TIME KAWATAN. Hmmppp!

I am PRO RH. RH Law, now! :)

Jean said...

I am a PRO RH too since then. I am not contradicting any beliefs but for me the bigger the population is, the bigger poverty Filipinos will have. Many are jobless so why add many jobless in the future? 2 or 3 kids in a house is enough for me. :)

lencilicious said...

Women should have their own voices especially when it comes to their bodies. I will be responsible for my own health and with that, whatever I want to do with it is on me.

mtrguanlao said...

Women these days have their own free will, even if their partners don;t agree, for as long as they know that it is or will be for the good of their family, nothing and no one can prevent them from doing their will.

Marie said...

Women has a lot of power now than before! :)

Cheerful said...

very well written post about RH bill...can't add more and yes, I am PRO RH bill, too! :)

Verns said...

Indeed sissy, we have more choices now, however I'd still go for informed one :) thanks for dropping by.

Verns said...

yes Yannie, we're in this together! thanks for the comment.

Verns said...

I respect your opinion on this sis, actually not only women in power can work on this but we, us can work to understand this issue more because in the end this concerns us. :)

Verns said...

That's the spirit Ting! I'm with you too all the way!

San Josenyong Gala said...

I definitely respect your views ma'am though I have a differing opinion about RH Bill. I am Pro-life and I believe that life, however it is conceived, have the right to be born. Let's just agree to disagree then ma'am... :)

SarahG said...

I am infavor of PRO-Life. The unborn child have rights to live.

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