A Helpful Resource for Pregnant Women

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For first time pregnant women, the feeling of being pregnant can really be overwhelming. As first timers, women find themselves feeding their minds with all the information they can get about pregnancy.

Most often, women engaged in chit chats to learn more about their pregnancy and how to cope up with all the changes that is happening within her body. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had so many resources to guide me throughout the nine months of carrying a human being inside my womb.

I went online to pregnancy websites that will give me information about health concerns like getting sick, acquiring colds, or when there is pain with sneezing, feeling side pain or having occasional ovary pain.

Thankfully I found Prenatal Answers where all my questions about pregnancy were answered. I kept on reading pregnancy articles on that website to totally equip me with knowledge on what to do when in labor, or what not to eat and take, and just about anything I needed to know, the website has the answer. Thanks to the many resources online (and offline), I breezed through my pregnancy without any hassle at all.


  1. nah mao bitaw na akong ga angalan basta maburos ate oi kay di jud lalim samot na kung manganak waaaaah... maong di na ko gusto maburos waaaahehehe!

  2. di jud ko lisod mag buntis ug manganak Vernz...dili ko maglihi, i mean morning sickness, wala ko ana...kaon ray ako..wa pod ko anang mga baho nga ulam...baho hinoon sa pabango kay dili ko...pero kanang sakit inig manipa, kana akong kalagutan..lisod pa jud ihigda, lisod iilis ug panty waaaaaaaaa.

    oi Vernz, gi-trangkaso na jud ko...perte nako Chill ganina hapon...mugawas na unta ko ganina human ug post sa Mom's Place kay mupalit lagi ko ug gamot. ay sus, nag chill man ko sa katugnaw..mihigda na lang ko ug nag bukot...ako papa na lang mipalit ug gamot sa drug store...gi ubo pa jud ko, si janjan gikalintura pod...ahak man ni oi..Thursday na ra ba ugma...karon ra ko kaabre sa computer kay nag email ko sa ako manghud sa Canada..maayo unta okay na ko b4 Saturday waaaa...babay na kay matulog nako...wa koy load, di ko ka text nimo.


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