I wonder if this is the Hermes bag Pac-mom, Mommy D got on her birthday? And if it is, I think I can afford this now on a lay-away.. ahahahah!

It’s a known fact that Hermes is one of the most coveted brand purses in the world, having a record breaking price that cost a fortune, getting one is a dream come true for every woman. But if you just think of owning a brand, having this Hermes alternative to carry your daily dose of vitamin C at $365 is no bad an option.

It comes with a knife holder and lined with a metal crisper to protect your apple, este the leather from rumpling. 

What! an apple holder for $365? Yes, it comes in Hermes baby --- How novel!


  1. nay, thanks but no thanks...nyahahaha!

  2. This is way too expensive for me. Can't help, it's HERMES.


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