Of course I go out on shoe, but wearing this type of red shoe on a scorching daylight that I cannot dare.

I spotted this lady while on red light buying pirated CD on a street here in Davao. She really can dare :) I can buy a pair of this though, but I wonder if I have the courage to tread this ugly, I mean potholed sidewalks of Davao… ;)

Can you spot her here!


Karen Chayne said...

kulba kaayo kaayo ning paparazzi oh! hehehe... nice iyang shoes te pero di pud ko ka dare mu suot anang red shoes kay di pud nako type ang color nga red...nyahahah!

Lainy said...

I can dare but not on places like that. Flat doll shoes will be fine though. Pero in fairness, nakakatawag pansin sya. No wonder naging paparazzi ka at the time, hehe. Nice one here.

Mine is up too:


See yah!

kat said...

Nyahahahahaha....as in paparazzi...kaabtik jud...sakit ako lubot ug kinatawa nimo Vernz..saxspan ang sapatos nga red, nyahahahaha...sus! santimaan! wa pa jud ko kasapatos ug red...underwears noon...blouse man gani murag wa man guroy koy red hahaha, maka red ra man ko ug blouse if naa muhatag...hahaha.

mao ni isa ka blog nga gihatag ni Dhemz...na update na jud nako hehehe...akong gipagwapo kay maulaw kong Dhemz hehehe

Schooling Mum said...

hahaha! I love the drama you created. paparazzi kaayo ang dating! i only wear heels on formal affairs and this scene is not exactly it! lol

My reds:
Red Amaryllis Bulbs
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Hope you can visit me, too! :)

Dhemz said...

na di nako carry mag heels pag in ani ang ambiance..maypag magtiil...hehehe...joke!

Red Hot Mondays said...

wahahaha! Ikaw na jud Mommy Vernz! I can't dare that too! Even flats na red.

Thanks for joining Mommy Vernz!

Carlota said...

hahaha. yah not the place. nice one!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hah, sosyal pero namimirata lol.. Good catch ate!

gagay said...

paparazzi-ha nimu ate vernz!hehehe!

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