This is what I hate being a married woman - undergoing pap smear procedures every year, I have to split open my legs at the order of my Ob-Gyne, who loves wearing Cherokee scrubs in green, so she can dig some smear samples down there, and guess what, those dang tongs, I mean the speculum being pushed right in there is real painful.

I’m a month past my schedule, but I’m playing deaf on the call of my Ob-Gyne’s secretary, who is again pregnant of her soon to be 3rd baby, I so love seeing her wearing one of those yellow Maternity scrubs, she looks like big bird in tee.

Anyway, I maybe personally rebelling on this procedure, but you know ladies, this is good for us. This is one way of knowing whether there are irregularities down there that are potential to developing cervical cancer in the future.

And if any case there is abnormalities with the result, it’s easy to find proper medication.

The speculum might me painful as I experience it, but you just have to be courageous and lie on the table and place your legs stirrup to be shoved down there so the doctor would know whether we’re good or not.

How's that for a day?

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  1. Awww, pap smear hurts. When I was pregnant, this is one of the scariest moments when I visited my OB.


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