Yayks, did nothing but browse the whole afternoon looking for red bags, that’s quiet a splurge of time, yeah, but have lots of those anyway.. lol.

But really seriously, I really have this romantic love affair with red bags, red wallets, etc. - except red shoes, they seem lucky to me… ;)

My fave online store Anthropologie had this on their collection … love this two, it’s chic and functional…. Wish I’ll never be tempted to enter my card number at check-out ;( or I'm a woman dinnerless for a month. LOL.  Thanks lovelies for dropping by.

Crepuscular Bag priced $288

Tackle Box Tote priced $78


Eric Graham Conversion Doctor said...

The first bag is more beautiful than the second but the press is too high for me. However both of them are brilliant and simple.

Chubskulit Rose said...

GANDA naman ng mga yan..

Dhemz said...

love these bags...kaso mahalan man ko anang usa...kana nalang less than 100!

GagayMD said...

pidi pang RHM ang bags!LOL! mahal lng jud bah!hehhee

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kat said...

okay ra sa ako ang red bags..pero hasta pod diayng mahala anang bag nimo diha...kana lang tag $10 okay ra...nyahahaha.

wa na koy kalintura Vernz, nya ako ubo kay mupaka na...dili na gahi...maka ulaw na noon waaaaaaaaa.

Mona said...

Can i have the second one, haha cute!

Pepper said...

gorgeous red bags!

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