I mean, a beauty gun.

Oh yes, this is one weapon I need to slip into my purse. But wait, it’s not what you think lovelies, it’s faux senorita loaded with beauty arsenals da’lins.

Dutch jewelry designer Ted Norton came up with novelty kit for women lately. It’s a beauty kit handgun, there were two models made, the Chanel and the Dior 001. Each contains women beauty essentials, like lipgloss, a pill container, a USB, a perfume bottle, a hairpin – and listen it comes with an 18 karat gold toothpick, Dang – this would be the only time I might, er I will recycle my toothpick for next meal… Awesomely odd! – and guess what, drum roll, stomach roll, eye roll ---- this baby cost a staggering $11,500, it’s way a little cheaper than the Chanel line that runs along $17,000 enough actually build me a little decent home with a hammock on the side ..:)

Want one for yourself? Hmmm… I’d rather get the real one… Bang! Bang!

Image not mine

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  1. This beauty gun is beat suitable for women on-the-go, those who works in shooting industry or just a policewoman. =P

    Anyways, it would be awkward if a chic would carry this beauty gun. I mean, it's boyish in style.


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