I guess traveling is one of the most sought after women activity in the world today next to shopping of course. But most often than not, it can also be a cause of stress if anything goes against what was planned, especially if it involves delays in flights, losing your baggage in the middle of your excitement, language barrier, accidental lose of passport which can be an extreme scenario - but it happens and on situations where you’re being played at by fate you get to wait and chase after cabs to get to your destination.

Now here are some good lines to avoid situations like these;

Book your flight as early possible. It may sound a cliché but it’s always to your advantage if you book your flight early. Well, this will buffer you from sudden increase of ticket prices and most often tickets bought long before the flight comes in cheaper and you get to prefer a seat.

Always travel light. This has been my dilemma as always, I’ve been trying to learn to fly with no checking in baggage lately. I get rid of bulky stuff and go for disposables including panties. Lol. This can save you time and save you sanity just in case your baggage will land somewhere else.

Look for hotel deals. With tourists criss-crossing the world today, all destinations I bet have real good deals when it comes to accommodation, always look and include in your booking airport transfers for your convenience to avoid the hassle of chasing after taxi cabs and negotiating for fees to take you to your destination. Most hotels have this service and fee is just as minimal as it’s often part of the hotel service.

Bring only light gadgets. An all-in-one thingamabob is the most ideal one.

Wear a positive thought and a smile to people you meet while on your way to exploring new places.


  1. hi ate! musta ang beauty? sensya na karun pajud ko kaalag... in demand man gud kaayo akong beauty hehehe!

  2. As much as possible, I travel light for a more enjoyable trip but if you have children in tow, it's not just possible.

    Have a nice weekend.


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