Finding the perfect bra can not only make you look ten years younger, it can also have a slimming effect on your figure and is the key to making your outer garments fit perfectly.

Firstly don’t just guess your size, get measured!! If you are looking to invest in the perfect bra you will need to invest in the correct size. A strapless bra is a great investment to any girl’s wardrobe, as this will allow you to wear clothing that has either no straps or crossover straps, where bra straps will look.

However, if you  have a fuller figure you  will need to invest in a strapless  bra  that offers a good support; the bounce  test is an ideal way  to suss  this! Here  are some tips for plus size bras at Castaluna:

Trusted and renowned brands are your best option, as you will know what to expect. Trying a new brand that promises the world may only result in disappointment and more expense, as you will more than likely have to purchase another bra! One Stop Plus are one such retailer who have a range of brands to suit every plus size girl’s needs.

A great strapless bra should offer rubber on the inside; this element will allow you to invest in a bra that fits perfectly. Soft and malleable rubber should run along the top and the bottom seams of the inside of the bra for best results. This little component will help keep the bra in place and staying up at all times.

Choose underwire bras rather than soft or seamless bras, especially if you have a fuller figure and a larger bust. The underwire will have the effect of pushing up and lifting your bust.

Invest in a few bras in different shades once you have discovered your exact size, it is always good to have both a white and a black bra or a skin coloured bra, as these will look the less obvious under certain garments. Choose one that offers a smooth finish, as you don’t want to be able to the see the lace or detailing under a fitted plain tee!

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  1. nice lagi ni sya...I prefer underwire bra kay para d loyloy...nyahahhaa!


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