I had few minutes encounter with a goodol friend today, nothing really grand just saying hi and hello, talking about life, about busy life and one of the questions that we tried to answer was that - how do we simplify our lives?

I actually love that analogy we used - that imagine you’re eating, if you have too much you cannot force yourself to take additional food anymore, otherwise you’ll end up in the hospital, throw it out in the sink or spend some time in the silent small four-walled corners doing your number 2.

Simplifying our lives is no different to this eating analogy, anything taken too much will surely overflow and that there will be no other room for other sumptuous dessert and drinks anymore.

We cannot simplify our lives unless we can handle our priorities. It’s just a relief to know that some smart women have transformed their lifestyle by defining their goals and priorities by aligning them with a higher principle and passion. But not all women are blessed with such ability to organized things up, a reason why we should get rid of a lot of things that will complicate our lives much further.

While there can be thousands of stuff we can fetch along our everydayness, let’s just pick those we feel needed and not much of what we wanted.

Sometimes we fail to notice a lot of important things around us because we’re too preoccupied with activities - our own personal goals and the like, we fail to thank the guard that opened us the door, to smile, to say hello because even while walking we’re on the phone talking.

Slowing down can sometimes be an illusion, since everyone is speeding up to reach whatever goal was set, in the end what! We’re exhausted and tired.

Thus, going back to the simple ways of life count for the total well-being of any woman, always fresh, by no means exhausted, thus we can expect a happy woman and that equates to happy mother = happy children = happy community and happy world.

This maybe an impossibility given the kind of life that we have today, but it's a personal goal to get rid of stuff not needed anymore ... good luck to me! I claim!

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