I got an invitation today to attend a friend’s wedding on August. This friend of mine has been working as a teacher in Japan for sometime now and she’s coming home with a Japanese soon-to-be husband.

I was feeling frenzy over the wedding idea because this Japanese guy is bringing his whole family to Davao, in fact it was the guy’s family who set everything here in Davao – how awesome, exactly the opposite of the usual Pinay/Japanese wedding where it’s only the guy that is around.

Anyway, was scouting for some Kimono inspired dresses and this is what I found … I love the third in row from my left, I wonder if my bulges can be spanx and I can offer justice to the dress, given the fact that I needed to lose some weight here.

If you were to choose, which among these gowns would you wear to a Jap/pinoy wedding? How are you going to accessorize it?

Oh, wait if you’re interested to learn how to design your own dress, Check out some classes with fashion merchandising colleges online or get that bachelor degree online in design. You might have not ask me, but I’m good at making my own dresses, I got the skill from my mom, although during that time I was learning how to design and sew I never thought this can be a lucrative career, had I known it I could have done it by heart, but if you're bent towards this passion I suggest you pursue it.

(Image not mine)


  1. love the 3rd one...:) kaso d lang ni bagay sa ako kay wala naman ko hawak...nyahaha!

  2. beautiful!!! I like the 4th one from left..It would be nice on a beach wedding and I wear a white sandals or slippers with heels...I also like the brown one seems very sexy and elegant...


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