I think in practically all societies, all cultures around the world, sex – the act is something that is not openly talked about, it’s has been regarded by many as a taboo – that any violation to such can lead one to be ostracized by the society – hence, especially in a country like the Philippines where 80% are faithfuls of the Catholic Church, sex is something you should keep to yourself and should be done within with confines of private quarters only you and your partner should know.

It was only when the internet was invented when those topics of this level of sensitivity can be openly read and talked about, anybody can access it, it’s like an open world market place where you can find everything anyone can think of and it’s spreading like wild fire and there’s no stopping.

While many regard the internet as a bane, especially to moms like me who would want to protect my children’s tender minds to issues like sex at the early age, no matter how I tried to wall it, the other side of this tale is that those of legal age who are finding answers to their questions with regards to exploring their sexuality, the internet is a highway they can thread to finding zillions of information along the way. Even to ask how to lose your virginity in which in natural, physical environment you cannot just plainly ask someone or you’ll be laughed at or you’ll be regarded as sexually perverted or something of that sort – in the internet its just as simple as typing your question, while some info gives you gibberish answers there are also some that provides logical and rational information regarding what women and men ought to know about their sexuality, in which to me actually is a good start to exploring this less – I mean concealed explored areas of human sexuality.

I think it’s a matter of how we use technology to serve us good.


  1. shocks! makasuk-an ko anang pangutana kung birhen pa ba bwahahaha... Hi madam, I tag you and would love to know you :D

  2. hehhehe..muot man sad!

  3. what a superb post! saludo jud ko sa imo ate... haguy kung ako pa nakakuha aning paid post dugo-dugo jud akong nose nyahahah! kalisud kaha i explain unsaun pag lose sa virginity LOL!


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