I would charge it to stress having an excessive hair loss lately, it would really ruin my day seeing the shower drain and our bedroom floor with all my falling hair spread around.

I actually have tried all commercial treatments, but it made it even worst. Then my grandmother told me, ‘hija, you don’t need to go far to find treatment, all you need is a grated coconut and a shower cap.’Well, old folks really have wisdom on this stuff, so I tried her century old, no secret technique.

Here’s how:
All you need is one mature coconut, unhusked of course, you can ask the good guys at the market to grate it for you it comes free when you buy one, if they have the squeezer it's much better as you don’t have to squeeze it yourself to get the milk.

But if there’s none, then squeeze it with a little warm water to extract out the milk, only the first milk.

And then strain it and put it in a covered container and let it stay in the refrigerator [not on the freezer] overnight. The true coco milk will harden to a consistency just right for you to have a hand on it – like this ….

Then apply it on your scalp, [just like the commercial hair treatment paste you use] and then a little love massage on your scalp and cover it with a shower cap for about 20 minutes.

Then shampoo, condition and style as you prefer. It is best to repeat this process for a week.

Believe me, I’m a living proof that this treatment really works, chemical-free, organic and above all - the cheapest.

Try it.


  1. I've done some research on how to treat hair fall in a natural way, I've come to an internet site that talks about this so-called coconut milk. I've really try it and voila! It really works on my hair. It doesn't only make my hair strong but also healthy and smooth.

  2. This treatment could really workout,I think it would really stop Hair loss.

  3. oi ako ning sundugaon daw be...maayo ni kay di na pakukuan...hehe agi ko.


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