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Blogging is one of the things this modern world has invented that keeps me going right now. It truly has become part of my everydayness; in fact, it’s a way of my life if I may call it that.

I still can recall how I spent sleepless nights back then reading all those instructions on line on how to start a blog, there weren’t much plug-ins and clear cut instructions some three years ago, you have to do follow-up research on how to do this and how to tweak that.

Oh, well, thanks to generous fellas who shared their know-hows online, it was really a help. Blogging is one of many wonders of the modern world that truly has revolutionized the way we live right now, while it may pose some difficulty for those who are starting, not much actually if you know where to start and what to blog – which is actually the most important factor for starters.

I suggest that when you launch your blog, it is best that you would dispatch it off in your own domain already, meaning websites or blogs ending in .com, .net. info and all as their URL address and not on free platform like blogspot.com or wordpress.com. Buying a domain now is just as easy as buying ramen, in fact there are domains worth only a dollar if you’re in luck.

Next stop would be finding your website or blog host,  there are web  hosting  sites  like webbhotell wordpress that caters web or blog hosting at an affordable price. If you ask me which platform is the best, I would say it straight – its wordpress.

While you’re busy updating your blog, take this chance to make friends with other bloggers, you sure would learn from them and my most valued  experience in blogging – I made friends and have meet them offline.

Tata, thanks for dropping by need to blog hop more before I’ll hit the hay.

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