With so many gadgets, personal, home and kitchen appliances flooding the market today it’s really a headache finding the right one.

Exactly what happened to me just a while back. I’m supposed to buy a new coffee maker this morning, our old one – I feel nostalgic about this inanimate coffee machine of mine, it served me countless cups for several years already, but I think this is just how long, I mean the usage life of any electronic gadget we have today. I didn’t do anything, it just stop dripping and when I brought it to the technician he said ‘it’s beyond repair and if I insist I would be paying more on the repair than the cost of buying a new one.’ Anyway, I finally decided to let it go, so long dear coffee maker.

So I did a trip this morning to the mall. Wow, the kitchen appliance section has a whole lot of them, from A to Z brands and they're on stand-by waiting for picking, I spent about an hour hovering, reading and asking around, in the end, I got tired and went home empty handed. I just realized why did I make a trip to the mall in the first place without even looking or reading for a specific kitchen appliance reviews online first. Gosh, I could have saved my morning for something else worthwhile, how can this slipped my mind, er just an excuse to go malling - alone, both actually, hahaha!

Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson from this point, unless you have the luxury of time then you can hang around the mall, but if time is of the essence, I suggest you read reviews online first before hitting your way to buying your machine.

Geez, seems like I needed to schedule another trip to the mall for this… tata, thanks lovelies for dropping by.

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  1. hahha...tata! tawon among coffee machine way gamit...d man jud me hingigop ug kape...lol!


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