I beg your indulgence but I really can’t find a decent topic to write except for this dang allergy that plagued me these days. I wrote previously that since most of the clinics are closed on Sundays, my only choice was to run to the ER and have my polky skin checked by a doctor that calls some other doctor on what to do with an old woman that runs after her breath – apparently that woman was asthmatic and feeble they needed to shove a hole somewhere in the neck to put the breathing tube, [this post is not about that woman] I waited anyway  for almost an hour – thinking gosh, how can I rush when someone here needed the doctor most than I do. I wondered if any of those nurses had attended the best nursing schools. I should hope so.

Anyway, since I didn’t see any changes, I was thinking what if my hide will resemble that of a leopard if not remedied? I’m afraid too so I went to see a specialist for allergy on Monday and that’s yesterday. Luckily, after following the room numbers I’ve hit right on the spot; unfortunately I was listed on the 12th, so I needed to wait for my turn again. I had ‘bihon and coke’ for lunch, went back to the clinic, waited, was served at 2:30 in the afternoon, and spent only 10 minutes inside the clinic – what a fate!

After the doctor asked here and there, what, how and where its time for her to write on that piece of paper, the very piece of paper I waited for three hours – finally I went out and paid the P450 consultation fee to the secretary who was quick enough to move around an undersized, paper-filled reception area.

I went straight to the hospital pharmacy, thinking the meds are cheaper but unfortunately there were strings of humanity lining up to forever, so I went out and headed to Mercury – unfortunately the ultra small, expensive lotion for itchy and scratchy was out of stock – was drained to death so I went home and sleep.

The itch is now tolerable, what are not are these dang nodes that swelled on my armpit, joints, and groin – well, I actually love this kind of pain – they’re those type of pain that’ll let you sleep like a baby.

My hide doesn’t really look good, from polka patterned; I think it’s now more like a Wagyu, you know that densely marbled kobe-beef? It sure does look like one.

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