I always keep wondering why these techno guys keep inventing needs, 'tuloy hinihingal ako sa kakahabol', lol. But seriously, when this first came out I was one of those who gone mad drooling to own a unit, but during the prime time it was too expensive and there were few brands to choose from. Gladly, 2011 is almost over, some of these will mark-down its prices, you can even score a reader as cheap as $99 now, in no time I'm gonna get one of these.

You know I'm a real sucker of tree carcasses, but dread carrying all those bulky 'Potter' on my bag, imagine this so lightweight yet can store a million tree pages ... really awesome technology.

But sadly that's minus the crisp and the scent of a new book leaf ... which I actually love the most next to reading of course.

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