Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her, before Father Time takes it away!

Right ladies, we've only up to 80 years to enjoy ... So, why worry about those dang laundry ... should I torch them now? lol.


clavs said...

yah we should! visit my pf entry sis...tnx!

Pink Thoughts said...

Amen! Yes I so agree!

Thanks for playing Pink Fridays Sis!!

Lovely pink notes by the way. ;)

Mom's Place said...

..bow! ah ako siguraduhon nako nga 100 years ko diri.. hahahaha..

oi ikaw set ug date sa ato EB nila Nancy etc.. kay tua pa man diay to sa ComVal..hehe

Happy PF and happy long weekend..

Dhemz said...

hahaha...torch them now...ayaw sa...lol!

kuyog ko sa inyo EB te...ehehehe!

Shydub said...

hehehe i am actually using it, but its hard to not worry about the laundry ky nanimahu na among balay mommy vernz, 4 na bukag ang labhonon hehehe

Jessica said...

funny saying but we should, enjoy life while we can, visiting from PF, hope you can visit my entry here

Mel Cole said...

yeah, let's torch the laundry! hehehe, but hubby is helping me :) Visiting from Pink Fridays.

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