According to gelotologists, they are those people that studies laughter, it takes one to move 62 muscles to frown and only 26 muscles to smile – thus, smiling saves you a lot of energy and above all it makes you feel better and happy so I’m taking the latter option. But what if even you feel like smiling you’re constrained to do so because of your not-so-perfect smiling tool, my son can it - his two blank teeth, will even make you frown?

Well, this thingy isn’t really a problem in today’s space and time, there are modern dental care state-of-the-art technology that Cosmetic Dentist use to address or correct practically all dental problems. All you need is time and finding the trusted ones to have your procedures done.

And once you’re ready to smile for the world again, here are some friendly reminders on how to sustain brilliant smile for life;
  • Rule of thumb, brush your teeth every 12 hours this prevents stain setting and plaque forming and don’t forget to floss even just once a day.
  • Did you know that eating raw veggies | fruits can clean your teeth? Yes, I find sugarcane stalks and guava munching very, very effective.
  • Some say rubbing strawberry pulp on your teeth can whiten them, well, there’s nothing wrong with trying; besides they’re good source of Vit. C.
  • If possible avoid coffee and red wine; both yummies can quickly stain your teeth.
  • The quickest way to get your teeth stained and turns yellow is to puff that smoke out. So avoid smoking.
  • There are lots of whitening toothpastes|products available on the shelves today, pick the most trusted brands and those that bear seals of quality.
  • Have your teeth cleaned and checked by professionals at least once a year, I bet yah, you’ll feel cleaner after a long ahhhhh!
  • Lastly, always have a positive outlook in life, that thing will always make you wear a perfect smile.

So there, get a dentist's appointment now and spend some little ahhhhh for a cleaner feel.

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  1. nya kung pares nako nga talawan ug dentist. mag pray man gani ko nga maayo unta absent ako dentist inig adto nako hahaha.

    agi ko...humana ko ga adgi hehe.


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