I'm no fan of cars, I'm not even a clever city driver, but I'm a cool highway driver.. hahah... it's because I really hate the idea of finding parking space whenever I reach destination with no ample gap at all. But when situation call for, I can drive a bus, seriously – but that’s another story.

Sharing these photos my son took last week at a motor show at Gmall here in Davao. I actually did not go with them; it was his father that went along with him.

I wonder what’s with boys getting excitement looking at these cars, maybe it’s the same excitement me seeing a new styled handbag, lol.

They were all rushing to get near this Chevy Impala,
'OMG, it's Ramone, the lowrider  in Orange skin .. awesome'

Suppose a man in six-pack abs stands here in lieu of this woman? 
What would run in your minds?


  1. wow naman.. pag kanindot.. sus mainta ka drive ko ana ate hehe..:)

    My GT Orange

  2. ahaha, wonder if cars were the main show or the sexy girls:)

  3. hi sis, visiting you back...

    wow! eversince I dreamt of having my own sportscar...I love the color..;)Happy GT!

  4. wow, orange na orange! it's a motorshow worth checking out! thanks for the great pics, although you are indeed right, a hunk model would definitely distract me from the cars!!:) happy gt!

  5. Orange galore! Ako pud, I don't care about cars before, pero now that I drive na, medyo quick na ko makaadto to any car show. LOL. But of course, going shopping for handbags would make me the quickest to go. Nyahahah!

    Ang Chevy Impala ba kay karaan kaayo ug looks. My friend here just got rid of her Chevy Impala, di lang nuon to orange. :)

    I enjoyed this week's GT so much because the color is so effortless to find at my end given that we have a Grand Caravan Mango Tango and we are now seeing a lot of orange colors around us brought by the Autumn Season!

    Hope you can visit me as well! Have a great weekend!

  6. hhahaha....basta gani naa car show na jud dayon model..weeeeee...pede mo apply...wahehhee....ambisyosa...lol!

    asa man imo ana teVernz?

  7. nice cars and sexy model too :-) visiting for GT, hope you can visit me back here too



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