Doll Face Wanda Bag

Yayks, I did nothing the whole time today .. but kill time online browse shopping .. if there's such a word, lol. I landed on this online shop that sells this - I so love this - its named Doll Faced Wanda Bag designed by Lulu Guiness.  When I see cute purses like this I think about going toone of the fashion merchandising colleges to design neat things like this.

This is a fun purse. The other side has this design, a red-haired, blu-eyed with a clip fierced-look doll.

The other side showed the 'seem like the other side of the doll' lonely and sad ..

If you're planning to add wit to your IT list, this bag is definitely in. How I wish we have this on our local stores here in town. I detest international shipping, postal infrastructure of this country sucks, I'll pay more at the customs than the item itself... You're feeling having to undergo overtaxed package would be more than that weeping doll.

(Images not mine)

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