Shamcey Supsup, Congratulations!

First of all, let me join the whole of Philippine nation in celebrating the victory of Ms. Shamcey Supsup for bagging the 3rd place of Miss Universe title of 2011. Ms. Angola, Leila Lopes was crowned Miss U, along with Miss Brazil, Miss China and Miss Ukraine in the recently concluded pageant at San Paolo, Brazil. Indeed, Shamcey can now be lined among our national pride. Congratulations Shamcey you made us proud!

Beauty as double-edged sword

Sorry about my F mind again, but really I’m no hard fan of beauty pageants, I detest the idea that women are being exploited, undressed, gracefully tortured to remake themselves physically all in the name of beauty. But on the other hand, I felt helpless too being a conscious victim of this double-edged sword system. Sometimes I too find myself crying over painful eyebrow threading and waxing and all that stuff. A situation where women were trapped for the longest time and from the looks of reality – there’s no way women can get out of this.

China and Philippines: Of politics and beauty

It’s a proven theory that indeed there is a complex relationship between politics and beauty. I’ll not present the women’s political struggle on beauty trap issue – but the broader and wider concept of political structure that back this multi-million dollar beauty stint up.

I would assume that international pageants, like Miss Universe –owned by America’s broadcast giant NBC and American Money Man - Donald Trump or Miss World – owned by UK based Eric|Julia Morley is in effect a ‘soft’ manifestation of power to show national and political interest.

To me the winners are not just innocent and best representatives of their countries, but they too have implicit significance in the world power play.

Let me lay my point that I'm making this assumption based on the history of previous years Miss Universe stints. If you’re following closely series of events preceding this year's Miss Universe beauty stint, you can probably get a clue why China and Philippines made it to top 5.

It might be premature to conclude that this is America’s way of amending two nations amid rift over West Philippine Sea that obviously America too has interest in. It should be noted with conviction that once China and Philippines will agree in together – billions of barrels of black gold will be extracted from West Philippine Sea and that America whose powerful industry is dependent on oil will greatly benefit on this accord.

It is therefore not surprising that the reality of crowning ‘Ms. Dam-ag’, ‘Ms. Tuk-an’, ‘Miss Luwa’, ‘Miss Dimagiba’ as Miss Universe is not far from happening.

Well, one might not just be complacent about this theory, but from my point of view - it is.


  1. with your point of view, i have a chance to bag that elusive crown!


  2. grabe sexy ni Ms. Supsup! i can simply say, people in politics use everything available just to achieve their hidden agenda.

  3. same her, i fan out watching beauty pageants...i see such contest as "live advertising campaigns".
    and, oh, i'll not forget this politics thingy u cited. thumbs up:)

  4. mommy vernz... you do have a point. hehehe... probably, hidden agenda...


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