I don't know even with so many things happening around just can't find one to blog ... I used to blog even mundane things like a curve of a hairpin - but maybe sometimes blogging gap of this sort happen, hence, I'm taking it as - it struck me to nuts ... 
But seriously, it's been a week ... that last update was GT and the latest is GT... though I often say I blog without obligation, geezzz...seems like I can't just throw this culture - this blogging culture away.

So much with that, so here, here's my GT share for this week. My first ever blossom capture with my new NikonD5100, it's no professional - it's my first shot ... can't find uncommon blooms around here, maybe I should spend some legs roaming around soon. How's this for a first time dslr shooter? hahaha!

I haven't had any online photography classes but I think they are good! These flowers are beautiful, too.


  1. Bongga! :D They're so photogenic! Visiting from GT...

  2. bougainvillea in hot pink! :D nice shot, di halatang first time...

    visiting via GT!

  3. woot! having fun on the new baby...bonggacious tlg, as in :)

  4. wow... gusto ko din ng ganyang cam... hehehe

  5. Amazing shot and great flower = perfect combination. I appreciate the beauty of nature more, through your lenses. Continue capturing moments.

  6. I love this flower! We used to grow lots of them when I was young! Yours is a wonderful capture! :)

    I got LOTSA PINKS shared. Hope you can visit me, too! ;-)

  7. niiice! you finally got your dream dslr! congrats ate! show ka pa more pictures ha :D


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