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When the then Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took first office at Malacanang Palace in 2001 she was a picture of a lowly housewife who accidentally became the nation’s most powerful woman – but her looks at that time pronounce contrary, you can see her in bold floral outfit, baggy jeans and pony-tailed hair – there was no resemblance of power and authority just by plainly looking at her.

Months later, she was repackaged by her stylist and transformed her into a real woman of power; she had her hair pixied, and began filling her wardrobe with solid-colored-tailored women’s suits. Though petite, her physical looks was transformed into a woman of competence, assertiveness and oozing power ready to dominate the world.

I’ve never doubted the ideas brought by the Science of Dressing, power women's suits can truly transform a mere female into a woman of authority, competence, confidence by making-up the wardrobe. In today’s space and time where competition is stiff, every woman should have an edge over the other, especially in the workplace.

We women don’t need to be a president to dress authoritatively, besides it’s quiet expensive to maintain such a full closet, most modern office women now are also women on the go, so it’s important to choose the kind of suits that are very functional – in the sense that you can use it to convey an impression of assertiveness and on some occasions convey an impression of romance and softness.

Did you know that you can get all these at Express? Yes, Express has the widest selection of women’s suits available, in fact they aren’t just suits – they are functional ones, you can use them at work and even at parties after work.

And here’s the cool part, buying your power suits at Express gets you a chance to win a whooping $500 suiting make-over, all you have to do is enter Express sweepstakes and you’re on your way to having a power closet. So don't waste time and Join now.

Ladies, if I may ask, which among those two suits you like best? At what events you’d like to wear them to look like ‘a woman in power’? I value your ideas; I appreciate it if you can share. Thank You.

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  1. I love the first one...i am into black that's why. I probably wear that on a business event in the future. I wonder when.hahaha

  2. I love wearing corporate suits! It makes me feel SMART and BEAUTIFUL!LOL.

  3. I like the first one better too. The white inner top is gorgeous.

  4. I rarely wear jeans, it's either skirt and top, or a suit but mostly black...I think I only have one pair in gray and all other in black or black-pin striped white. I like wearing them with stilettos, so chic!

  5. I love corporate look but sometimes it makes me wonder why can't these clothes have more prints and still look business like.

  6. i rarely wear corporate attire, but i love the second one. Im more into gray than black..

  7. efientely love the first one mommy..
    Just like Genny im into black..maybe becuase black hides some bulges..you know..hehehe..

  8. When I was still sitting at the office, I only have three colors for my suits, and those were black, dark brown and gray. The two photos are perfect for me.


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