Raising a daughter is one of the most rewarding experiences any mother can have. I have three kids and my middle child is, I think, a budding fashionista. Although I often deal with middle child anxiety, what is more surprising is that we have more issues on clothing, shoes, Children’s Jewellery, accessories, books and other pink princess stuff more than anything else.

Weekends cannot pass without a trip to the mall, well, it’s not often a spree day.  I window shop a great deal and do love just to look.

What’s funny sometimes is that - when I schedule some buying time for myself, I end up buying for my daughter instead – I would just be surprised when we get home that I didn’t buy a single item for myself  like I had previously planned to.

 Lately, I’m at it again, how can there be so much lovely stuff online, this Pink Aurora Fairy Bracelet is so cute, I found it at mollybrownlondon.com, I'm thinking of typing in my card number again, but I think I have to wait until my daughter’s exam results are released, some sort of a gift for making being good at school.

By the way, if you’re looking for quality children’s accessories and lovely jewellery you shouldn’t miss out on mollybrownlondon.com, they have all lovely stuff  and every little fashionista will love it. You should check it out.

(Image not mine)

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  1. I also enjoy shopping with my daughter. and to think, she's only 5 years old! Imagine how much more fun we'll have when she grows older! That's a cute bracelet there. I'm sure my daughter would love one like that.


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