I actually gone nuts over that iPad and tab thing before but I did not buy one because to me it’s not a picture of what I really like, the tab was too big for a phone and was just too small for a PC and you look like crazy talking to such a big pad you can’t barely hold.

I cut off my desire to own one. But lately Samsung has this awesome, really cool thing called Galaxy Note; it’s like having the entire above feature rolled into this smartphone. It’s not priced in the Phils. yet, but this is the guy I should get involved with.

Here to give you an idea how it works, waahhh I think I should reactivate my loan power to have this on my hand. Ah, really chasing technology can eat you up, but what can I do I live in a material world and I’m just a material girl … sort of… lol… but seriously, the cool feature where you can do digital sketches just awed me, that’s actually the feature that hit me.

I can’t do the review I had not even seen a real one on my hand, just this virtual one. But I think just few sleeps more and it’ll be on fave phone stalls.

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