Call it vanity, beauty buff - whatever but I’m really a hand cream junkie, being a stay-at-home mom you can’t help it but have your hands get soaked often – washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning all these chores will end you up washing your hands very often – well, obviously constant skin contact with water and soap can make your hands skin dry and flaky – a reason why I always had standby hand lotion at the dry section of our sink.

I’ve been used to this practice, after all the washing is done, I find myself pumping a pea and rub it all over my palm and hands, I love the feeling – it’s kinda hand relaxing and you still keep your hands moisturized even with so much work at hand.

If you ask me what best hand cream will I recommend? I would suggest you go for luxury ones that are packed with Vitamin E and glycerin they’re best for extra dry skin like my hands that often do the odd jobs. I prefer big bottles with pump spout, they’re convenient to use especially when you’re often on the go.

Right now I’m trying to wrap up order of this Nature's Way Geranium & Chamomile Naturally Fragranced Luxury Hand Cream; I’m excited to try this product out.

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