This is one of the beautiful things around Catalina Gardens in Shrine Hills here in Davao. These lovelies are usually in full bloom by 10 in the morning, you still can see the fresh creases in each bloom. By around 2pm they begun to wilt.

It's always an inspiring feeling seeing nature at its best. 


Jona said...


my ww this week

Genuine Cuisine said...

wow! Beautiful shots. Thanks for the comment. See you around!

Cookie said...

Perfectly captured!

SHY said...

Wow ka nindot ani na flowers oi, i used to pick this one when I was at my elemmentary life hehe..salamat sa Visit..

General Essential said...

sus.. ka nice na jud sa imo cam Vernz..nice na kaayo mga photos...hehe.. mustang EB gahapon...

January Zelene said...

ay pagka-nindot ate.. mura sya flower sa kankong.. hehe :)

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Rcel said...

White glory diay tawag ani nila? Ganahan pud ko ani nga bulak ba, naa mi tanom ani sauna sa among bukid. Lol. Sa Matina diay inyo Ma'am Jan? Anyway, you took this using your DSLR na?

Salamat diay sa bisita sa akong entry. Basin naa pa kay wala na-check out unya ganahan ka mo-lili. Welcome kaayo, lol.
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Gibbous Moon
Withering Hosta
Xoxo Bargain
See you next time! :)

Katya kate said...

I agree, it's so good to witness nature's beauty at its best. Nice capture you got here. Thanks for visiting my post earlier. I'm a new follower.

Giving back the love,


raya said...

wow!! those are gorgeous shots, vernz! thanks for sharing.. it's always a joy to have you at WW.

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