You probably have seen a lot of these photos circling around fashion blogs lately, these are the feet of the Louis Vuitton models, bruised and battered after staging a month long prep and show at a Paris Fashion Week, I don’t really care if it’s Vuitton or whoever gods and goddesses in the fashion industry staged a fashion show, what I care is actually how these models endure such an excruciating pain all in the name of a bag? A piece of dang expensive dress? For beauty, glam, glitter? [well, of course, moolah]

I heard and read at lot of models’ horror stories, it’s not all glamour and glitter, some even were told to eat cotton balls and just a julienne of vegetable to stay slim – a reason why a lot of them contract Bulimia and Anorexia. How can a human suffer like this just to walk in that dang lighted strip – they call catwalk, representing names that'll cost you a fortune to own, I'm an ethical consumer.

[Photos not mine]

History tells us about how women in the ancient China bound their feet too in the name of beauty – a friend has been arguing with me saying these two aren’t the same – well, in time they’re absolutely not, foot binding has said to have started with courtesans in the early Song Dynasty, I’m not even a thought yet during that time. Eventually, along with the changing social conditions this practice slowly died down – but look! The actual binding may have died down but the theory of keeping women cripple and immobile has just evolve into something discreet, something disguised as the ultimate symbol for beauty and glam – just like what these 21st century models are going through.

If you ask me is there any difference then and now? No, there hasn’t, in fact, today it has become fiercer, violent, brutal – leaving only two choices for these ladies, do or die.

You? What’s your thought of you wearing high heels? (Irregardless of name). I stopped, it broke my back, they’re killing me and the nastiest thing I’m helping these brand owners rich and happy!


  1. kuyawa ani nga lotus feet man! :D

  2. tuod te, iksaytid naku para leyter..awp! beauty rest una kog makadyot..hehehe...seeya leyter..aligeyter! :D

  3. hay sus, pagka pangit ba aning tiila ni...sabagay wa sya mahimo kay need nya money so go go sya maski galisod hehe...naga heels man pod ko pero pag may occassion lang..hehe..

    taymsa.. ang WV kay "spank" daw hahaha...comment ra gani ta katilaw man sad ta ug spank diay ani hehehe

  4. Naku di na puwedeng maging model ng sapatos., over na sa pangit., kailanag gumastos sa footspa.,

  5. I don't like high heels. I hear others say it's 'sexy' and all that. But I don't get the point. Guess I'm a weird girl. =P I prefer comfortable, flat shoes.


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