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Drawing from personal incident, I would argue that dressing appropriately and picking the right choice of clothing designs is I think few of the basic ‘know-hows’ any woman should be skillful unto especially when one thinks or recognized the fact that she ain’t blessed with an anorexic body likely imposed by society.

In an era where slimness is thought to be one of the top criteria for beauty, women struggle to find all gruesome and painful way to match this highly contested standard, often unattainable and at the end of this grapple it’s women’s self-esteem that’s directly impinge on.

Well,  this is the usual agonizing strategy  taken by those who’ll take it the hard way, but you know we shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves, come-on  ladies, there’s more to life than  just worrying about those broadened waistlines, love handles etc., - you know plus size dresses can do the trick for that, – if in any case you just want to be assured.  But as I’ve said be careful about choosing the right cuts, colors and always think about comfort.

It may sound oxymoron-ish but it’s a fact that I’m a part of this social picture and that I needed to play a role and arm myself with veiled arsenal to survive.

Well, in that case you too might be interested to scout for pretty veiled armaments too, there are actually lots of them at www.womanwithin.com, they housed all the beautiful dresses perfect for overly cuddlesome, like me, I think I’ll find refuge on this Roll-cuff denim dress, it’s a perfect camouflage to dress aptly my age and my size, you think so?


  1. Type ko na nga style nga dress kay hayahay...pero gusto nako kanang above the knee ang katas-on..hehe

  2. bahala ug plus size basta sexy...wahehhehe!

  3. plus size na kung pluz size... hehehe...

    here today ma'am vernz...

  4. thanks for sharing these tips. love it! sometimes we tend to forget that we are getting older and choose the wrong type of clothes.


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