Oh yes, house moms need a break too, I was thinking to go somewhere alone at first, you know some longer 'me' time and experiencing what it's like to 'take my time' but I think this is how moms really are, I can't take to just leave these lil banshees behind so we’re all packin’ up, but not your usual packin' light da'lin', I'm a mother packer this time, we have accumulated quiet a lot of unused stuff on our closets so we're bringing them and giving them to those who need it most  -that's why.

I’ll get this blog updated when I can be sure there’s internet connection to where were heading. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. ayay, pasalubong lang ako te...wahehehe...joke! enjoy and take care...:)

  2. opppsss... nagbakasyon diay ang beauty. Bantog walays tubag sa email. Pero hope malili na nimo ang akong sulat sis... kay si DA nag cge na ug

  3. kaya pala havent heard from you sa BB mommy. enjoy sa whereabouts nyo

  4. haguy mao diay wala ka didto sa BB ate... nag mother packer diay ka hehehe! gimingaw na mi sa imo ate... :) ayo2x permi diha ^_^


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