I broke my watch, although it was my son who did it I'll take responsibility, gosh, I really need one I find it comfortable having this piece on my wrist than pulling out my mobile to look at the time. I really regard wrist timepieces as my most essential type of jewelry, something I can't live without.

Anyway, so what can be more fitting than looking for prospect item online. I did not have a pink watch ever, so I decided maybe for a girly-ish change, I'll score a pink one.

I thought it would just be easy using some kinda mouse to shop, but apparently, it's giving me headache all the more choosing from all these mystfying list of pink watches. Gosh, it's getting late and had not found a site nearby that'll deliver the stuff on the doorstep.

Would you know any site that sells not too expensive, yet functional and quality watches that ships in few days to Davao ... I'm really lost, really am. :(


  1. one year na akong walang wrist watch Vernz kay walay battery...orig Guess man gud nya wala may guess wrist service diri sa Davao..tua man sa Megamall tambay lang ang akong watch...pero kanang watch diha nga mga pink...pagka cuteeeeeeeee baya ana...murag type nako ng pink duh! hehehe...agi sa ko kay ga adgi ko.

    Ang WV kay "gaming" daw nyahahaha

    ako lola diay Vernz kay 95 years old..hehe

  2. Pink watches give a very cute look.Pink watches are in fashion these days. I really appreciate your well written blog.


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