I got a surprise call from an aunt the other day I was hoping she’ll invite me for dinner – it actually became her habit calling each of her nieces around to join her occasionally for dinner, she live alone – you know those bitchy rich, old maids she falls under that class – but she ain't that stingy type so we often gave in to her invitations.

But it wasn’t what I expected she ask me instead to help her scout for corporate giveaways, I was thinking wow time really fly so fast, it wasn’t long ago that I ordered boxes of personalized umbrellas and pens for her company’s Christmas giveaways, now it would be another batch.

But I don’t take that as a hard assignment I already have a reliable contact online, heard of Amsterdam If you haven’t yet then you should check their site out, they have practically everything you need, everything you can think of when it comes to practical personalized, Christmas, tradeshow giveaways, their price are budget-friendly and their products are made with outmost quality - a reason why they have satisfied clients and come back over and over again.

I actually have nothing in mind yet, I’m thinking of really practical ones, giveaways that can be used on a daily basis – hmmm, you think a fitness bottle is a good idea?

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  1. Off topic...

    kanang Facebook plugin nimo ani nga blog, unsa man na nga plugin Vernz..nalibat nako ug tuyok tuyok, di man japon mao ang ako oi..

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    asa man ani niya...waaaaa

    nagbuhat ko tua sa AWN, bao lang kung mao hu hu..


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