I know this is coming, but I didn’t know it’ll happen this early – I’m amazed, really, how humans, er the Japanese, have mastered robotics that, sorry for my weird thinking, we’re reduced like tomatoes, brushed, washed and rinsed in the assembly line – but actually loving the massage part….

I wonder how lowly beauty shop shampoo assistant will react to this; she’ll lose her job anytime soon and needed no more …. Waahhh! Will I try that too, maybe in a not so distant future, my only choice would be to love this machine.


  1. ayay! kalami ani...pretty soon mauso nani sa pinas...ehehhee..adgi ko te....:)

  2. swerteha ani oie! lami kaau ang feeling!hahaha!!!

  3. agi agi ra diay ko diri short, nangwarta,,kuk

  4. Hmm... you're right someone will lose their job over this! So I'm still undecided if it's a good thing or not...

  5. oie..this is nice..labi na sa akong buhok nga kinahanglan ug hurim2.hehe agi ko mam vernz..:-)

  6. Wow this is cool! Kailan kaya magkaron nyan dito sa Pinas :)

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