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I found this purse photo at Telegraph UK's Fashion blog, it's one of those Versace Spring 2011 collection, it's metal studded, it's structured, it's compact. I love purses of this design as they stand whenever you put them on top of any plane making your stuff organized inside besides it can carry several stuff, the only thing I don't like about this bag is that ... I can't take it home as I don't have enough to take it, anyway, so settled then ...

And then one solemn day inside the church, forgive my nose and my itching finger, I saw this bag clutched at a lady's shoulder in front of me, I immediately remember the Versace above, really, although not exactly the same, we Pinoys really know how to find a way to at least take a taste of how it's like to have a celebrated one, or it's just this people from Bangkok that's pushing us too. 

A week after,  I went to a China store to buy some retail garter for my child's school project, I saw a hundred of these lined above my head at the store counter, while my eyeballs kept rolling - the lady said .. it's class A from Bangkok and I saw one just exactly the same as the above.

It just prodded me to think ... what exactly is the difference in terms of feeling having the celebrated ones and class A ones? I won't use fake to address the latter as it's also manufactured originally only of different material, and took an inspiration from the above.

Any thoughts?

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  1. My friends gifted some class A bags for me. I like them. So cute. But of course, I prefer toting my original bags! :D


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