Untitled Jersey City Project – Redefining TV Drama Series

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We’re used to watching TV drama series where elements are sequentially arranged, characters are introduced, conflict arises as characters stumble on problems, then eventually the so-called falling action happen then finally the resolution sets in and normally this happen within a long period of time and before we knew it we get bored and wait for the final episode to wrap it up.

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But recently, this FX program called Untitled Jersey City Project will I think redefine TV drama series, although experimental and dabbed as a work-in-progress television drama, its now making waves with its non-conventional plot and character presentation.

What is interesting is that all of the episodes, I actually watched all 8 in YouTube, were made a little longer than 2 minutes, yes – that short – a reason why you have lots of processing to do, it’s presented in fragments from a larger story – for me this what makes this drama interesting, I wonder if the production is coming up with a mobile version of  this. Awesome!

This drama is set at the heart of the bustling Jersey City waterfront, just across the river from Manhattan, where glass towers and buildings are built – thus the character of Frank George and Ray Rahne, the architects of an on-going Waterfront Stadium emerges.

The episode 3 portrays how notorious real estate tycoon Larry Tyerman let loose his clout over Ray Rahne’s face, following his unlikely behavior – humiliating Tyerman during an awards dinner, the mystery continues as Tyerman’s thug followed Frank and Ray who got into their awesome and pretty Audi. I swear more than the interesting plot is the show off of this gorgeous Audi A6, it made check the car out, so cool!

But before you do that you should watch this;

Did you find it interesting? I would truly appreciate it if you can share your opinion.

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  1. I think this is interesting, I'm so bored with all the teledramas, I turn off the tv after the news.

  2. nice one mommy verna! I really think it's interesting. I love watching teledramas before but, eventually, got bored. so now, I only watch the start and ending 'cause you'll somehow figure out the flow of the story. With this as an example, I really do hope they can shorten all the teledramas soon. :)

  3. oh, business tycoons with thugs showing off how powerful they are - I have always enjoyed watching series with such plot as it mostly delivers drama, action, and a bit of mystery altogether. I'm sure the series would be a hit!

  4. I also think this is going to be a big hit, ate vernz! :) I am fond of watching foreign dramas such as this.

  5. Looks like an interesting new drama series...maybe something new to get hooked on aside from bloggin :P

  6. With so many TV shows, it's sometimes difficult to discern which is worth-watching and which is not. This one looks promising, though. The show's writers just have to make sure to sustain the viewers' interest, so this show would not be another flash in the pan.

  7. am not much of a TV watcher but there are teledramas that I really like seems this one is really interesting.

  8. pre-blogging era, i am into tv soaps, started in the 80's remington steele, then the time of aly mcbeals, er, house, COUNT ME IN. then korenovela invaded tv channels...i dosed off, then ^_^.
    this series promises BIG, looks interesting :)

  9. Sounds interesting...too bad, we don't have cable channel...I miss the "Criminal Minds"...that's my favorite Vernz..


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