‘So you’re asking me that?’ 
‘No I’m asking you that?’

Hmmm, I used to when I still had that flat abs, in fact, I had that a mad collection of sexy lingerie, but after two major c-section surgery I slowed down exercising – strenuous work-out might rupture the stitched-skin apart, eventually, I began accumulating all those adipose stuff and slowed down collecting too, right now – honest answer? It’s been a while, as in not in the recent years.

But you know it’s really a self-assuring feeling having to see your full body in scanty flirtatious outfit, unflawed, curvaceous, delicious body – I mean, devoid of love handles - just the way any human mind, I mean any dude want it.

The other side of me don’t just settle on this bulge though - because I know there can be so much I can do to achieve such a figure, but the practical side of me kept yelling, ‘oh yeah, you’ve got formula, diapers, food to eat and all that stuff as your main concern’ hence, such is habitually kept at the bottom of the list.

But if that circumstance doesn’t bother you, let me tell yah a little known secret, 5StarsLingerie.com have all the steamy, flirtatious and luscious lingerie in the world, they have practically all the wildest design you can ever imagine, designs that can blow any Joe’s mind away. So why don’t you check it out and drive your man crazy away.

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