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I’ve slowly accepted that fact that my eldest son is growing and having a circle of friends of his own; sometimes they swim out with friends, dine out with friends or just simply have fun with friends around. Fun and laughter sometimes does not end there it giggles even more at the comforts of his bed using his phone - texting and calling friends not to mention my calls from time to time to check on him and moreso all of us in the family have to use cellphones to get connected and updated … well, obviously, it’s me that’ll pay every minute of the fun, and most of the time it’s a real pain on the pocket.

But I think this predicament of mine will end up here, TracFone is here to save me from bills. It promised the cheapest way to own a cellphone, in fact it’s America’s most preferred prepaid phone since you don’t have to sign-up for a contract, nor have your credits check, activation is instant with no charges and cancelation fees at all.

Its affordability comes with quality since most of their phones come from leading manufacturers like Nokia, LG, Samsung, Kyocera and etc. you can even use Bluetooth-enabled phones and smart phones for your lines.

TracFone has the nationwidest coverage and has the clearest reception ever even with long distance calls to over 60 international destinations worldwide at no added cost.

Reloading your phone is no problem at all since prepaid cards are practically available round the clock at thousands of retails stores across America.

With So many features available on this phone, I think it’s about time you should shift to TracFone, take advantage of getting a 1 year service card and double minutes of your plan - that's a whooping 800 minutes for only $119.00. Wow.

If you’re still on the limbo and can't decide, here’s Real TracFone customers who have tried, tested and have proven it to be. Check it out!

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  1. I want one of those phones too!:) Seems sensible to own one.


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