It’s this time of the year where bazaars and flea markets sprout like mushrooms everywhere, in fact as I write I can hear my kids whining, preparing for an afternoon trip at a bazaar downtown. Thing with flea markets here, goods on sale are the same as last year, the only change maybe are the price, the style and the color – clothes, perfumes, px make-ups, goods, food stuff, etc. – well, they’re priced a little lower than those at the mall, but you also have to deal with painful parking.

OK, we’re going out and I’ll get this post done when I come back and share what I got from the bazaar.

We left at 5 in the afternoon, as I’ve said parking is real painful so we headed to the nearest mall park the car at their spacious parking lot and we took a taxi all the way to Davao Convention Center.

Since its Saturday it’s jam-packed with people, snooping around what’s new and what’s hot. Indeed, clothes, toys, bags, shoes, make-up, perfumes – the way I say it was actually for women’s bazaar, my husband has been complaining ‘where have all the men items gone?’ Practically what’s on display were for women – Oh, well, that explains why women now are the key players in the economy.

There were beautiful designer bags on display, they were priced way too low than those displayed at the mall window, it was so tempting, so many gorgeous purses, so little moolah, in times like this I would always say, to get serious with gaming at [click here ->] online bingo site, had I been earnest in clicking I could have won a million bucks by now and could have shopped all those gorgeous bags.

But I’m no dully, I’ve taken home this lovely Indian ear chandelier, I’m thinking of getting back there tomorrow to buy a pair from these collection, I fall short of moolah, my kids had shopped way ahead of me, before I knew it, I’m walking on an empty wallet, but I’ve long had accepted the fact that often, especially in shopping, I always take the back seat.

If you’re from Davao, this bazaar is going on until midnight of November 27, check it out at Davao Convention Center, Torres St., Davao City.

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