I need some inspiration

It's been a crazy world right at where I'm publishing right now, I'm not a part of their idiotic world though, but I can't help it but get affected, I'm just a human with sensitive hearing no matter how I turned the television on at it's full volume.

I need positive energies here, I'm offering myself these lovelies... fly, fly nega vibes ... come, come ++++ vibes.


  1. naunsa na pod ka diha Vernz hehe..ako gani kauli-on ko tungod kay janjan waaaaaaaaaa...samok kaayo kay mag sigeg ingon nga uli ko.

    btw: naa diay ko award sa imo hehe.

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  3. Lovely flowers indeed! Hope you're all inspired now. :)

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  4. hhehehe...namuot ko sa imo fly fly te...fly fly isdang gagmay...nyahahha...joke!

    lami kau imong shots....plastar kau ang angle!

  5. Lovely roses .I love roses .It may be of any color,Its awesome.

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  7. Doing something unusual can really change your mood and uplift it very much and also read any old magzine and do meet you frined with whom you haven't met since very long time.


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