I was at the mall the other day; I was trying to find a cheaper flight seat for my brother who is flying south for the winter, lol. Luckily, I was able to find a one way ride just enough for the money he gave, unfortunately the return flight cost higher so I decided to book the ‘to’ only … he’s on his own with the ‘fro’ if he decide to land in the Aral sea then that would be his call.

Anyway, I might have really set forth a wrong foot during that day, everything didn’t worked out as planned, I was then in middle of the escalator when out of the blue it stopped, so I stepped my way down to the mall gate, just before I could stride out somebody stepped on my slippers from my back and wooot! I was a step ahead of dang shoddy footwear. I was embarrassed to death, but I blindly picked my slippers up turn towards this bazaar right at the atrium of Victoria Plaza.

I was dang poor with only P100.00 left on my big fat red wallet, how ironic. One of the ladies saw me and said ‘pili na mam’, I asked her back if she had a pair worth P50 but she said all their dang slippers cost a hundred pesos, geez, I’ll get a new pair but for sure I’ll walk my way back home on this strategy.

Just when I saw this girl sitting, staring blindly at the ceiling, I tapped her back and asked her if she’s from Davao? She said she’s waiting for her friend but seems like she’s not coming and she has no cents for the jeepney going back home, I seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel… geezz.. how can we be in a same situation, indeed things really happen for a reason, so I negotiated and said, ‘if you can buy me a sachet of rugby at the hardware so I can glue back this smiling slippers of mine, I can give you a fare going home.

In fifteen minutes, I was able to glue back my sandals for that P15 peso rugby sachet and gave her the P35 change for her fare home. She offered to blow the glue to let it dry fast … she’s from Marilog and a househelp, I didn’t ask further.

I always believe things happen for a reason, sometimes discreet, sometimes you would clearly see it why and above all we can always do more in an unlikely condition.

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