Its inevitable Christmas is here and it’s this time of the year where array of invitations to parties and cocktails line up like there’s no tomorrow, it’s also this time of the year where a lot of women would get anxious about their body, their dress, their hairstyle, their shoes, make-up and practically the whole get-up to the party.

For most women who are a frequent and used to getting to parties, they could already have a closet of party gowns, racks of dainty red stilettos and kits of make-ups ready all year-round, in fact, I knew of someone who does her own make-up and need no salon prior to the party anymore - such a woman with skill I would say. Well, I know there are on trend, quality beauty products online we can purchase now, some in fact comes with handy tutorials on how to do make-up your own – I think this is just matter of constant practice - this skill I think I should master next.

I have this thinking though that it wouldn’t make me less of a woman to admit that I’m in a panic mode right now thinking and looking on what to wear to a bloggers’ party come Sunday – and I’m learning my lesson the hard way, I can’t help it but believe this again – that indeed every woman’s closet should have this classic piece ready for party picking;

The classic fashion contraction – LBD or the so-called 'little black dress'.

This cut I think would look perfect for my age and hide my bulges, what do you think?
I actually had handed down several on my closet as, shamefully, the zipper would disintegrate should I insist trying. So here, I think I should end up right here; I needed to go and fit some for my Sunday’s event.


  1. you can never go wrong with LBD. that's for sure.

  2. It is really a perfect post shared by you.Women follow the classic fashion.It is true that they are always anxious about fashionable wearing.I appreciate the effort made by you.

  3. It is really a nice sharing performed by you.I have got trully a perfect post.The classic fashion is really unique.Women are really fond of trendy wearing. Thanks for the post.


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