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For women in the corporate world, wearing an all-time monotonous uniform can sometimes be boring – a reason why some accentuate it with brooches and other fashion accessories to have that trendy and fashionable look while nudging on the keyboards, however, some companies does not allow various add-ons to the corporate garb as it distracts and diverts attention of those who would-be clients, now since this a no-no might as well find some other relevant office stuff we can use where one can show individuality.

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A pen is one of the most unnoticed yet the most important piece on any corporate setting, they often come in bulk, often with no character at all but this is not the case if you know the right choice. Did you know that a pen can also be a source of a person’s distinctiveness? Parker Ingenuity for example is more than just a piece of writing instrument it is also a writing tool that somehow convey a person’s status and lifestyle. Its simplicity exudes a refined and elegant corporate concept of an accessory that comes in without deceit.

Take a look at this video;

Parker Ingenuity collection has taken a leap with its cutting-edge technology making one’s writing as precise, as smooth and as smudge-free as possible, the classic exquisiteness of a fountain pen merged with modern and stylish design is what make this piece a character.

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So there ladies just some simple and friendly information on how to be a corporate woman of elegance despite everyday clothing quandary. If you agree with my idea, I most welcome your opinions, or if you have other ideas in mind, it would be much appreciated if you can share it. Thank you.

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  1. Does being a health care worker also part of being in a corporate world? Because a nurse here in the US doesn't need any fashion to include in the daily outfit for work. I am not sure if this kind of pen would be appropriate for someone working as a Nurse. Ha ha. Not either for my professor hubby! :D But I sure think that is a cool gadget to have for yes, those working in a corporate world! :)

  2. While I was working, I love collecting Parker Pens. Now that I am home-based, I don't know where may Parker Pens are. :(

  3. White and chic! Very true, a single pen can promote individuality which made me thinking, where did I put my parker pen? lol!

    Visiting from LadySoda

  4. Sometimes I wish I work in an office so I could put on make up, wear heels and yes, have a parker pen! It's always classy to have one. I love this product particularly. Very chic!


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